Pygmy Twylyte

Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium
Music - Rock & Pop

Pygmy Twylyte celebrate the huge body of work by Frank Zappa with gusto - selecting a core body of classic material and adding an offering of more obscure cuts. With guitars, keyboards, saxes and a xaphoon at their disposal, the band has a (stink)foot planted in the camp of several of Zappa’s most memorable touring line-ups. The set ranges from 60’s psychedelia with the Mothers of Invention, Jazz and Rock material tinged with Zappa’s own inimitable spin, through to orchestral compositions. Nod along to rock numbers, lose count during jazzy interludes (after all, it’s not dead – it just smells funny) and evade the infamous Frunobulax.

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 £  12.00