TSoC Where Are We?

A timely voyage round navigation
Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium

James Taylor takes a brief look at historical means of navigation, and then via lighthouses to modern navigation and how we all – not just mariners or navigators, but all of society – have become massively dependent on satellite navigation systems and how it all depends upon time. James is a mariner and submariner; with four seagoing commands – three submarines and one frigate – in his thirty years of naval service. He is also a qualified Master in the Merchant Service. Thirteen years as Chief Executive of the Northern Lighthouse Board gave way to non-executive roles, as a Board member Director of Scottish Ballet and as Chair of the Scottish Pensions Policy Agency. Last year he completed a three-year term of office as a delegate to the International Maritime Organisation, representing all the Institutes of Navigation worldwide. He is also Chair of Eddleston and District Community Council.
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