CPF18 Brimstone and Glory

Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium

Explore the ritual, danger and absolute beauty of fireworks in this stunning documentary, made by the creators of Beasts of the Southern Wild. The National Pyrotechnics Festival is a ten-day celebration that sees huge papier-mâché structures adorned with exploding fireworks parade the streets of the city of Tultepec, Mexico. With a 200-year history of fireworks production and an estimated 30,000 Tultepec residents working in pyrotechnics, this is a community truly immersed in the industry. In the wake of the tragic 2016 fatal pyrotechnics market disaster, Brimstone & Glory is an expressive documentary about an enduring devotion to fireworks. Thu 30 August. A Creative Peebles Festival event.

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