A Beer, a Bite and a Blockbuster

Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium
Film - Mainstream

A Beer, a Bite and a Blockbuster Enjoy a beer* and a bite in the Eastgate’s Anne Younger Studio before heading upstairs to the auditorium to watch Pride, the feel good, BAFTA award-winning film. Pride is set in 1984. Gay people feel threatened by the government and the miners are on strike. A minibus full of people from the Gay Pride march find themselves in the Welsh valleys. At first marchers and miners struggle to find things in common, but soon find a solidarity that outlasts the turmoil. This film was chosen because it celebrates people helping others who are in need. Marie Curie also does this to enable anyone with any terminal illness to realise one of their dearest wishes – to be cared for in their own home.

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