Eastgate Theatre and Arts, Peebes

POFF Going to Extraordinary Lengths

Films (6.30pm), Sean Conway (8pm)
Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium

Tonight’s short films explore extremes of human endurance – think ice diving and much more. Wilderness - channelling the spirit of John Muir. Through Clouds and Water - for the love of surfing. iPorter - taking the strain with Himalayan porters. Up, Up, Up - two-wheeled hell or joy? Johanna under the ice - ice diving therapy. 6.30-7.15pm Interval – Re-fuel with Relish Sean Conway - Talk Thousands have run with him, millions watched him on TV and online, tonight Sean Conway (the ginger-bearded endurance adventurer) talks about why he loves to push himself so hard, including on his recent circumnavigation of the entire coast of mainland Britain in a self-supported, 4,000+ mile continuous Ultra Triathlon.

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