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Willie Wastle's

Account of his Wife
Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium

Willie Wastle’s wife Kirsty was insulted by Burns in his song Willie Wastle Dwalt on Tweed. This play, starring John Nichol, is Willie’s riposte to the Bard. The tale tells the story of the remarkable relationship between Willie and his wife who opposed every innovation and, in particular, the fashionable habit of tea drinking. Though we may find that Kirsty is not the hideously ugly character that Burns describes, we will discover that she is, nonetheless, a rather formidable lady. The play, originally created by Rowan Tree, is based on John Wilson’s Tales of the Borders. Fast and very funny, it also gives a fascinating glimpse of life in the Borders in the 18th century. Willie Wastle’s Account of His Wife is performed by John Nichol, Hilary Bell, Lucy Cowan and Jenni Borthwick.

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