Eastgate Theatre and Arts, Peebes

Near Gone

Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre - Auditorium

Two performers - a man and a woman - on a bare stage with 400 flowers. Near Gone is a storytelling show about our inevitable departure, but cheating death – for now. It is set on a beautiful summer day in Bulgaria that turns into a nearly unbearable emotional roller­coster ride as two performers, one Scottish, one Bulgarian, take a deep breath and launch themselves into an hour long attempt to put the utterly unspeakable into words. Merging movement and stillness, text and translation, this is a gentle tragi-comic tale that reaches out, reminds us of what it means to be human and what we can be to each other. ★★★★★ “truly affecting, memorable and life-affirming” BroadwayBaby “winning heartfelt intensity” The Guardian

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